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Odorgon Odor Eliminator


One of your products, OdorgonŽ Odor Eliminator, was called on to perform a "heavy duty" task. We had a fire in one of our schools during a weekend. Normally, school time would have been missed by the students due to the offensive smoke odor resulting from the fire. OdorgonŽ Odor Eliminator was used and students were able to attend school on Monday as normal. The smoke odor had been completely eliminated, leaving the air smelling clean and pleasent
School District No. 23

We have recently offered our guests a non-smoking floor after twelve years of exposure to smokers. "OdorgonŽ" has removed any trace of the lingering smoke residue. I have received many positive comments on the freshness of our guest rooms.
Michigan Inn

We are using it in our veterinary clinic and in the boarding and grooming facility. We have had a great deal of success with it for it does eliminate odors. It leaves the entire establishment smelling clean and fresh which is a necessary requirement.
Priest Valley Veterinary Clinic


I've looked for a great many years to find a product such as yours. It is the best I've seen.

Avis Ford


(MicroMagic® in the USA)

OdorgonŽ works at peak performance when used full strength. However, this product also performs well when used in fogger units, and carpet/upholstery cleaning equipment. Odorgon is an excellent Odor Control Additive for many cleaning products.

Product Benefits

  • OdorgonŽ is a leading odor control product
  • OdorgonŽ is an environmental friendly product
  • OdorgonŽ is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable
  • OdorgonŽ has been successfully on the market for over ten years in North America & Europe
  • OdorgonŽ has excellent applications in the consumer, institutional and industrial markets
  • OdorgonŽ has been successfully introduced for major private-label-brands


To combat the multitude of unpleasant odors in the environment requires an effective product, one that not only displaces the malodour with more pleasant odors, but also effectively destroys and eliminates the unpleasant odors. Irrespective of the type of odors, OdorgonŽ incorporates two odor control techniques:
  • Reduces the malodour in concentration so that it is less intense with the result that any objectionable effects are diminished. This approach involves the technique of removing odors from the environment by absorption methods.
  • The malodour may be changed in quality so that it becomes more acceptable. This approach modifies odors by chemical conversion to odorless or nearly odorless product or to products whose odors are more pleasent.

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