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RFR-100 - Road Film Remover

RFR-100 All Season Windshield Road Film Remover was developed to significantly increase the cleaning performance of windshield washer solutions.

Products such as windshield washer anti-freeze and bug-wash are ineffective in breaking down oily films that accumulate on the surface of the windshield. These accumulations of oil, grime and salt cause smearing in the wiper-blade path, consequently imparing vision at night or while driving on rain-soaked streets and highways. RFR-100 will also reduce wiper-blade chatter and glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles

RFR-100 is a highly concentrated additive. Add to water, windshield-wash anti-freeze or bug-wash to eliminate oily films. RFR-100 should only be diluted with water when the temperatures are well above freezing.

Product Characteristics
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive to paint and rubber
  • Compatible with all antifreezes
  • Eliminates roadfilm, insects, grime & salt
  • 45ml pouch (36 pouches in card-board counter display box)
  • 237ml(8 oz) squeeze bottle, 682ml(24oz) bottle
  • 4L container, 20L container

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